About Ammanu

We aim to provide solutions that impact positively. Innovative, but above all practical and pragmatic solutions where lighting makes a real difference to people. Lighting that makes people feel better and function better. We really believe in our role in creating a healing environment. 

Zorg en dementieverpleging


To achieve this, we investigate what the health and care professionals really need. Then we develop and produce the lighting systems completely in-house. This way we can fully guarantee the quality and sustainability of our products.


AMMANU comes from the word ‘amanuensis’. This is the ‘science teacher’ who can explain exactly how technology works. And that is also our role; based on scientific research, we want to design and produce high-quality LED lighting and we also want to clearly explain and transfer this knowledge. For example, as an active partner, we concentrate on sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-saving LED solutions for healthcare clients. The most important thing for us is that it must, and can be, more sustainable.   We stand for ‘LED technology for life’. That incorporates the vital area of healthcare.


Clean and sustainable
produced in Europe

Energy efficient (LED) and virtually maintenacne-free

Based on scientific research

Made not to break
(15 year warranty)

Made for the circular economy


Dutch Design

The AMMANU story begins in 2010. The old friends Niels Leijten and Michel Schrijvers regularly travel and make various diving trips together. The beauty of the underwater world takes them to special places.


The seas and oceans clearly show that the world is being polluted at a rapid rate. During their travels to Asia, they are confronted with children who dig mercury twelve hours a day. The realisation is growing that things can and must be done differently.

After a lot of thought and discussion, the desire arises to develop sustainable, durable LED lighting together. Part of this discussion is the incorporation of dynamic lighting, with easily adjustable light output and colour. It turns out that the heat development in the LED luminaires is the bottleneck in this. This brings them across the path of an old college friend, Jan Vreenegoor. He is managing a technical company in Ireland.

After extensive research, he is able to tackle the problem of heat management and with that he can create a longer service life. Jan’s former right-hand man in the company, the Slovak engineer Pavol Ondruska, would like to return to Slovakia with his family after his adventure in Ireland. He takes up the challenge to set up the production branch of AMMANU from there.

For a better insight into the aspirations and needs of the clients and translating this to the solutions of AMMANU the friends get in contact with another old acquaintance, Arno Groot. Arno is at that moment responsible for a company in raised access flooring and a company that produces public lighting solutions. After a short period of negotiating Arno accepts the challenge and joins the team.

AMMANU is born and ready to light up the world!

At AMMANU we want to make a difference. Based on our technical knowledge, scientific research and our focus on people, we want to develop solutions that contribute to a pleasant, healthy environment. Solutions that are honest and genuine, that are innovative and of high quality and that are also extremely sustainable. We are happy to share our solutions and knowledge with you.

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